About us

Bringing IoT and Data Analytics to the Grid...
At Fischer Block, Inc., our mission is to improve the operations of our Industrial and Power Utility customers through transformational power system management and reliability solutions.

Our solutions leverage a unique, patented IoT edge device that mechanically connects to existing power relays in minutes without disturbing plant operations. The patented device, which we refer to as the SMART Block™, drives waveform data collection and digitization, enabling high resolution visibility and a full suite of Fischer Block, Inc's waveform analytic applications and services. Our applications and services, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, allow our customers in both the Utility and Industrial sectors to drive innovative new business processes and address a growing number of power quality and reliability challenges.

Existing market solutions require months of planning and installation times, at high cost and at high risk. Alternatively, the Fischer Block, Inc. solution is fully non-intrusive and requires no new wiring, so installations can be completed within minutes (instead of months), significantly increasing the number of substations which can be modernized each year.

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