Solutions to maximize energy use efficiency
    Key features include:
  •   Monitors system losses via reactive power analysis
  •   Captures volt-var relationships to aid in VV optimization
  •   Key component in capacitor bank studies
  •   Compatible with the full suite of application services, including trending and alert notifications
    Analyzing Volt-VAR to increase efficiency
    Volt/VAR optimization (VVO) is a process of optimally managing voltage levels and/or reactive power to achieve more efficient grid operation by reducing system losses, peak demand or energy consumption or a combination of the three. During the process, voltage control devices at a substation and on the circuit can be used to shrink the voltage drop from the substation to the end of the line and reduce the service voltage to customers while maintaining the voltage within defined limits. The efficiency gains are realized primarily from a reduction in the system voltage. This results in less energy being consumed by end-use equipment served by the distribution system.
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