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Data analytics can effectively mine massive data streams to provide you
the actionable intelligence needed to keep your networks running smoothly
Key features include:
    > Improved situational awareness
    > Oscillation detection
    > Frequency stability monitoring
    > Distributed energy integration monitoring
    > Disturbance monitoring
    > Improved State Estimation (SE)
    > Islanding identification
    > Quicker restorations
Fischer Block device sensors running ASAP ANGLE™ captures instantaneous voltage, current, and frequency across all three phases at each installed location throughout the grid. These parameters represent the "heart-beat" and health of the power system. Voltage and current are parameters characterizing the delivery of electric power from generation plants to end-user loads, while frequency is the key indicator of the balance between electric load and generation. Thus, frequency with little deviation from nominal (50/60Hz) is a key indicator of proper operation of the power system and its reliability.

Key benefits of Synchrophasors measurements include Wide Area Monitoring and Visualization (WAMV), oscillation detection, frequency stability monitoring, disturbance detection, alarming studies, distributed resource integration assessments, State Estimation (SE), transmission pathway and congestion management, islanding identification, and quicker restorations in the event of an outage.

Synchrophasor data is transmitted to Fischer Block's ASAP Pro™ Sensor Analytics platform for comparison to synchrophasors incoming from other locations across the network. Data reporting rates are up to 30 times per second with time-stamp synchronization (in most applications) to within 1 micro-second.

Synchrophasor data can also be converted and input directly into existing SCADA systems.

ASAP ANGLE™ is just one application available on Fischer Block device sensors. Click here for a full listing of device related Grid Apps™ which provide a host of additional features and benefits.
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