Detecting harmful frequency oscillations
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Data analytics can effectively mine massive data streams to provide you
the actionable intelligence needed to keep your networks running smoothly
Analyzing unwanted harmonics
Key features include:
    > Advanced substation data recording
    > Captures high-resolution event and fault data
    > Providing the ability for pre-fault event detection
    > Compatible with full suite of Fischer Block sensor devices
Fischer Block device sensors running ASAP H2™ capture high-resolution data associated with network performance, disturbances, and events and transmits data records (either wired or wirelessly) to Fischer Block's ASAP Pro™ Sensor Analytics platform for further analysis and archiving.

ASAP H2™ provides key information needed for load growth studies, peak load values and times, time-of-day load fluctuations, phase and load circuit imbalances, input to Distribution System Modeling programs, fuse and other equipment sizing, transformer modeling, and evaluating circuits for Distribution Automation Projects.

Load information also provides system operators and planners with timely and accurate information on feeder loads to help identify capacity constraints, needed upgrades, repairs, or replacements.

High resolution waveform data can be captured at rates up to 130 samples per cycle, exceeding the sampling rate of most substation-based equipment. Fischer Block uses proprietary, patent-pending algorithms to correlate the high-resolution data with historical failure data in order to provide system operators with time-to-failure and end-of-life estimates on key assets.

Full analysis, including harmonic content is measured, recorded, and made available for analysis in Fischer Block's ASAP Pro™ Sensor Analytics platform. Wave data can be stored in ASAP Pro™ indefinitely for further forensic investigation of outages, disturbances, events, and device failures to provide key information to improve the utility's proactive maintenance program.

Weak insulators, excessive arcing during capacitor bank or breaker switching, noisy load-tap changers, and loose connections, can all cause problems ultimately lead to network faults. Pre-fault detection is key to preventing faults and disturbances on a network. High-resolution waveform capture and analysis provides grid operators the insight and actionable intelligence they need to keep their networks up and running smoothly.

ASAP H2™ is just one application available on Fischer Block device sensors. Click here for a full listing of device related Grid Apps™ which provide a host of additional features and benefits.
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