A visual gateway into your electrical system
ASAP Pro™ provides everything needed to manage distributed sensors across your network and mine the immense data flow to improve grid performance
Fischer Block's ASAP Grid™Sensor Analytics System was developed to simplify the installation, operation and maintenance of a large, distributed sensor network. It leverages Fischer Block's line of advanced sensors as the intelligent devices in the field and is configured to look not only for faults but also pre-fault conditions as early warning indicators so preventative action can be taken to avoid an outage. The ASAP Grid™ Sensor Analytics System includes Fischer Block's ASAP Pro™ software anayltics platform as the data repository and integration platform for SCADA and DMS. The ASAP Pro™Software Analytics System analyzes three-phase RMS and high-speed data, instantaneously and over-time, to provide the utility engineer with enhanced visualizaiton into their network. ASAP Grid™ allows for small as well as large deployments by managing the sensors from configuration through data capture and streaming. Installations of 1000s of sensors are practical with the ASAP Grid™ Sensor Analytics Platform, managing administration, reporting, and analysis. The ASAP Grid™ system includes all the tools needed to install, manage and leverage an extensive sensor deployment.
Key features include:
    > Manage distributed sensors throughout your network
    > View sensor data (in static or real-time)
    > Performs advanced data analytics
    > Compatible with the full suite of Grid Apps™
    > Data repository or interface to existing SCADA/DMS systems
    > Simple-to-use dashboard interface
ASAP Pro™ provides a high-resolution graphical user-interface designed for the management (configuring and sensor polling), display, and analysis of recorded datafiles in either native or COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111) formats, and fully supporting file naming conventions of IEEE C37.232.

Advanced analytical tools are provided for navigating traces (pan/zoom), auto-scaling of amplitude and time horizons, angle analysis (between/within phases), Rate-of-change-of-frequency analysis (ROCOF), superimposing traces, peak detecting (min/max), RMS trending, user-defined thresholds (triggering on RMS or instantaneous values), file merge/append, time synchronization of multiple records, and much more.
ASAP iQ™ - Cloud based analytics
Key features include:
    > View events and real-time data
    > Perform advanced data analytics
    > Compatible with the full suite of Grid Apps™
    > Simple-to-use dashboard interface
With ASAP iQ™, you gain all the features and benefits of ASAP Pro™, with the added simplicity of cloud-based data hosting and browser data access.
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