Detecting early signs of rotating machinery failure
    Key features include:
  •   Using spectral analysis to detect early signs of failure
  •   Configurable sample rates for high resolution FFT spectrum
  •   Current demodulation analysis for quick identification of spectral components
  •   Compatible with the full suite of application services, including trending and alert notifications
    There are a number of critical components within a motor which effect the magnetic field between the rotor and stator. As an example, a defect in the rotor bar of an induction motor causes the modulation of the stator current. The impact of broken rotor bars to the stator current can be determined by analysis in the frequency domain - this approach to detect rotor bar failures is typically seen in a Current Signature Analysis (CSA). Rotor faults can result in excess heat, decreased efficiency, reduced insulation life, and iron core damage. Therefore, early detection of incipient rotor faults and appropriate maintenance can avoid more severe failures.

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