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Fischer Block, Inc. receives Patent Approval on Unique IoT Edge Device
Unique Connectivity Technology Provides Fischer Block, Inc. with Key Competitive Advantage in the IoT Grid Edge Device Market
Philadelphia, PA, May 04, 2017 /Media Newswire/ -- Fischer Block, Inc., a leader in providing innovative high-resolution power waveform sensing devices and asset optimization solutions, today announced it has received a patent grant covering the unique connection technology utilized extensively throughout its series of IoT grid edge devices. This patent application was just one of several related patent applications which Fischer Block, Inc. currently has pending in the areas of power system asset monitoring, predictive analytics, and machine learning, all of which serve to optimize power system performance and improve reliability.

"We are extremely pleased to have obtained patent approval on one of our key product differentiators," stated Fischer Block, Inc. CEO, Greg Wolfe. "The unique technology covered by this patent is particularly exciting in that it enables the Fischer Block, Inc. SMART Block to connect to virtually any substation control panel or MCC cabinet within just minutes and without any disruption to existing infrastructure or operations".

About Fischer Block, Inc.
Fischer Block, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative power waveform analytics solutions for Industrial and Power Utility customers. Fischer Block, Inc. solutions leverage a patented Internet of Things (IoT) edge device that mechanically connects to existing electromechanical and microprocessor based relays in minutes without disturbing plant operations. The device provides continuous waveform data collection and digitization, enabling high-resolution waveform visibility and a full suite of innovative waveform analytics applications and services that address a range of power quality and reliability challenges.

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Margaret Paietta,CMO
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