Getting to the bottom of root causes
Data analytics can effectively mine massive data streams to provide you
the actionable intelligence needed to keep your networks running smoothly
Troubleshoot hard-to-find problems in your system
Key features include:
    > Advanced substation data recording
    > Compatible with the full suite of Grid Apps™
    > Accuracy traceable to NIST standards
    > Connects to existing panel-mount Test Switches
Understanding the root causes of issues associated with poorly performing circuits often requires many hours of trial and error testing. This can be frustrating for all involved as many times these poorly performing circuits often are key drivers in the overall system performance metrics.

Fischer Block's series of applications, including fault detection, load logging, and waveform/oscilliograph capture, provide an effective tool to understand and ultimately identify the source of difficult to find issues.

Transients typically create a unique waveform "signature" which can be captured and analyzed by the troubleshooting application for either online or offline analysis, providing high-resolution data and the ability to quickly and effectively resolve the issue.

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